Cancellation Policy:
Reservations must be cancelled 72 hours prior to the rental date to avoid a $250 late cancel charge. Late cancel charge will be waived if the boat can be re-rented during the rental date.

Late Arrival Policy -Embarkation:
Renters must contact DK Elite Watercraft’s at least 1 hour in advance of their rental time in the event renter will be more then 15 minutes late. Failure to do so will result in a late arrival charge of $50.00 for every 30 minutes (half hour) after the start time. Late arrival charge will not be prorated in less then 30 minute (half hour) increments.

Late Return Policy -Debarkation:
Failure to return the boat and equipment at the stated return time will result in an overtime charge of $50.00 for every 30 minutes (half hour). Overtime charge will not be prorated in less then 30 minute (half hour) increments.

Add-Ons, Fees

Add ons

  • $30 for 3 person tube per day
  • $50 for Yeti Cooler per day with 2 bags of ice
  • $10 per bag of ice


  • $25 fuel service charge if boat is not returned full
  • $50 cleaning fee is boat is not returned clean and free of garbage

Missing or Broken Item Charges

  • $5 flags
  • $20 life jackets
  • $10 ropes
  • $25 bumpers
  • $300 tubes
  • $20 paddle
  • $20 emergency floatation device